Covered in a tongue tantalising layer of malic acid, get ready for 30 seconds of eye watering sourness before being rewarded with a deliciously sweet aftertaste. These hard-boiled sweets are only for the bravest of taste buds and are  available individually or in a pack making it the perfect treat (or trick) to give as a gift!

Box containing 4 flavours RS629-61

RRP: £9.95 Carton: 12


Apple TT RS100-14

Lemon TT RS103-14

Watermelon TT RS106-14

Blue Raspberry TT RS101-14 

Cherry TT RS102-14 

​Strawberry TT RS105-14 

RRP: £1.95 Carton: 30


TTK Bake is created for those who love the smell of freshly baked muffins in the house without any effort. This quirky box contains the components for making absolutely delicious bakery products!

Multigrainbread BA685-0

Brownies BA686-0

American Cookies BA906-0

High Tea BA688-0

Jungle Cookies BA905-0

Muffins BA690-0

Snowflake Cookies BA902-0

Gingerbread Men BA904-0

Star Cookies Tree BA903-0

RRP: £5.95, Carton 12