Entertain your family with fun activities during the school holidays or rainy days! Includes a silicone mould and all you need to make fun and trendy gummy characters, with the option to make it adult by adding gin or any other of your favourite alcoholic tipples. 

Gummy Bears Kit with 40pc Mould KI336-0 RRP: 7.95 Carton: 8

Gummy Gin Kit with 40pc Mould KI408-0 RRP: 7.95 Carton: 8

Mermaid Gummy Kit with 40pc mould KI483-0 RRP: 7.95 Carton: 8

Unicorn Gummy Kit with 40pc Mould KI484-0 RRP: 7.95 Carton: 8

Dinosaur Gummy Kit with 40pc Mould KI485-0 RRP:7.95 Carton: 8