With less than a 1% packaging waste, these stylish glass bottles make a perfect solution to throw-away alternatives.

Why not reuse and upcycle our glass bottles too? They are perfect for keeping, long after all the sweets have been snacked on, for kitchen cupboard storage or as decorative accessories, we'd love to see what you do with them, tag us on social media (@ttkconfectionery) to show us  your creative solutions!

Vegan Strawberries VE370-2 

Vegan Blue Bottles VE372-2 

Vegan Cola Bottles VE373-2 

Vegan Teddy Bears VE377-2 

Vegan Fruit Jellies VE375-2 

Vegan Watermelons VE376-2

Vegan Hearts VE374-2

Vegan Cherries VE420-2

RRP: 5.95 Carton: 6